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Your insurance company will pay for one Ultrasound during the pregnancy. This ultrasound allows us to evaluate the baby's anatomy and is usually performed between 18 and 20 weeks gestation. If your baby isn't too feisty, the ultrasonographer can often tell the sex at this ultrasound. There are many other medical reasons to do ultrasounds during pregnancy, and if necessary, we will obtain authorization from your insurance company for them.

Social ultrasounds (3D/4D and Gender Determination) are not covered by your insurance company. these "fun" ultrasounds are offered in our office. Please call for more information.

Winter Wonderland! January through March
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3D /4D Ultrasound Gender Determination 3D /4D Ultrasound Gender Determination

DVD and CD - If your ultrasound is scheduled in our office our songographer is happy to record our exam on to a DVD+RW, and still pictures on to a CD-R. You may bring your own DVD+RW, and still pictures on to a CD-R. You may bring your own DVD+RW/CD-R or buy them in our office for $5.00 each.