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Your Labor

When you think you are in labor (or if your water breaks)- call the hospital, and they will tell you what to do. Once you arrive at the hospital, you will be placed in a room and the baby and contractions will be monitored by placing special belts around your abdomen. Once we have established that you are in labor, a nurse will start an IV. With a few exceptions, we encourage our patients to be active while they are in labor. The more walking, rocking, showering you do- the faster you can labor. We will monitor the baby during the times you are in bed- as long as there are no signs of distress, you may be up and active.

Your nurse will examine you intermittently to evaluate your cervical change. She will also help guide you through pain medication decision-making. Our nurses are excellent, and can often help you decide when it is the best time for an epidural (should you choose to have one). She will also administer medications (pain medication, pitocin, antibiotics, etc) per your doctors orders.