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We have 8 physicians, 4 practicing obstetricians, 4 gynecologist and 5 nurse practitioners. When you are pregnant and first contact our office, you will speak to our OB Coordinator and be asked to select a physician. Your first pregnancy visit will be with our OB Coordinator. During your pregnancy, you will be seen by your selected physician and our Nurse Practitioners. Occasionally another physician will fill in for your doctor. Our physicians make every attempt to deliver their own patients. During the week, most physicians take all of their own call (day and night)- providing care for all of their patients (OB and GYN)- on weekends, one physician covers for the entire group. Please remember that you may on occasion have to wait in our waiting area longer than anticipated - our physicians can be called away to the hospital at any time to provide care for our laboring patients. We try very hard to adhere to schedules, but the nature of our practice sometimes prevents that. We are unable to predict or plan for the exact time a baby will be born. In those instances that your physician is called to a delivery and your wait time is lengthy, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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