Dina M. Canavero,MD, MPH, FACOG Announces Departure

Dear Patients,

It is with both excitement and sadness (plus no small dose of anxiety) that I want to announce my departure from Associates in Women’s Healthcare effective March 1st, 2024.   I have just accepted a position working as a Laborist at Sutter Roseville Medical Center. This is a change that will allow a slower pace for my aging self, and more time with my family- neither of which I can refuse.  Change is always hard, but I am excited that I may still see some of you in Labor & Delivery.  AIWHC has been my home for the past 25 years- the staff and patients have been my family.  I will miss you all greatly. I have loved coming to work every day and getting to know new patients while catching up with the old.  Our staff have cheered me on through my life’s milestones and supported me through its challenges. I will miss seeing both staff and patients each day. 

For my patients, my departure should be seamless as we are bringing in a new physician to take over for me. Dr. Andrew Chang comes to us from Kettering Health in Ohio, and we know that you will instantly feel the comfort and knowledge that he exudes. I am entrusting him with your health and know that the transition will go smoothly.   The office will be contacting you to confirm or reschedule your appointment if needed. Please know they are making every effort to keep your appointment on the same day/time for your convenience. 

It’s important to me that you all know how much it has meant to me that you entrusted me with your care. It has truly been my honor and privilege to partner with you in your healthcare, that you would allow me to support you through your life’s ups AND downs. I want you to know I feel I received more out of it than any of you did. I couldn’t have chosen a more fulfilling career or a better practice to start and end this wonderful career. I came to Associate’s when my father was diagnosed with a terminal malignancy. I accepted the position at AIWHC to be near my family, so that I might be near him for the last part of his life. Little did I know this practice would bring me such joy that I would still be here 25 years later. I like to think that my dad was looking out for me even in his passing- he found me an amazing place to call home and begin a career that was so fulfilling. I feel blessed every day by the decision I made to come here and the patients who joined me. “Thank you” to each one of you. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t use this opportunity to remind all of you (because I KNOW YOU LOVE HEARING IT when I see you for your annual exams)- 1) get your weight bearing exercise 2) eat your servings of calcium-rich foods and 3) take your Vitamin D supplements!!!  On that note, I will see you all at the grocery store/park/schools/sports fields.  Don’t hesitate to come say “hi” and catch me up on your family happenings and know that you’ll have to suffer through a big hug from me 😊 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

Dina Canavero, MD

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